Cloudbase Endpoint from Thinking

Cloud-managed security for up to 250 seats saving cost, time and simplifying the protection of your network, utilising proven technology from ESET.

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Setup and depolyment within minutes

No need for additional hardware or software

Flexible billing and terms, scale up and down to suit

Accessible safely via web browser from anywhere

Total Visability

Monitor the overall network status with continuous automatic reports to a single pane of glass. Benefot from interactive charts and tables enabling a comprehensible, real time overview of your network security. Drill down to oversee the status of computers, threates or quarantined items.

Easy to Use

Manage security for multiple endpoints from wherever you are. Remotely configure security products on connected endpoints. Automate policies and tasks for specific computers or static or dynamic groups.


Get notified in real time to respond instantly to threats. Benefit from automated functions such as setup, server cleanups, upgrades and certificates management. Utilise all latest features and improvments without any action required.


Whether you have Windows, Mac or Linux Cloudbase Endpoint can handle the lot.