Monitor Checkpoint VPN Use

As we move to a work from home environment it is important that we are able to monitor how a VPN is being used and who is using it. Here is a useful view for Checkpoint Smartevent to show who is using any Checkpoint VPN product and to consolidate the use for reporting purposes.

Feel free to download and experiment.


Also attached is a view you can run in Smartlog, how to use the view:

  1. Download & Virus Scan the file - trust no one
  2. Extract the file .cpr file to your desktop
  3. Import the view to SmartView application (SmartConsole or Web) - see image below
  4. Go to the view TAB
  5. Double click on the view and define the time of query to start from whatever suits.

    click here to download the Remote_Access-Custom-User_Stats.7z file.

Here is the import interface for importing a report template in Smartdashboard

Posted in Checkpoint on Jan 03, 2021