NZISM & AUISM Reporting with Checkpoint Compliance Blade

The Checkpoint Compliance blade provides a lot of useful information for real time monitoring of various compliance standards like PCI, ISO and NIST. However for those of us in Australasia we also have local standards that require review.

Attached are some xlm files for importing that provide views on NZSIM and AUISM. Please note these are a work in progress but also a very good start. The AUISM overview document provides detail about what both xml files monitor when deployed.


NZISM XML Definition

click here to download the New Zealand Information Security Manual.xml file


AUSIM Overview Document

Your web browser doesn't have a PDF plugin. Instead you can click here to download the PDF file.

AUISM XML Definition

click here to download the Australian Government Information Security Manual.xml file

Installation Instructions

  1. Download and Virus Check - trust no one
  2. Import into Smartdashboard Manage & Settings --> Blades --> Compliance --> Settings --> Actions --> Import.
  3. Enable the view Logs and Monitor --> Favourites --> Compliance --> Regulatory Compliance --> Select the Cog Icon and turn on and off to suit
  4. Click through the gauge to see the checks behind it

Gauge Examples

Posted in Checkpoint on Jan 10, 2021